Set your CIN sights on the Mile High City this October

Denver Airport

Planning for the CIN 2013 Conference is underway, and our team is planning a fulfilling, valuable, and energetic series of conversations this fall.

With the conference about 8 months away, it’s a great time to begin your own travel planning to make sure you’re a part of these amazing experiences that will take place from October 4-6, 2013 in Denver, Colorado.

Below is a list of some flights (priced as of 2/25/13) from  Be sure to track the best-priced flights (keep in mind that if you book your flight and make your purchase on a Tuesday or Thursday, it’s usually cheaper!).

Atlanta, GA $356
Baltimore, MD $395
Charlotte, NC  $387
Detroit, MI $148
Los Angeles, CA $282
Milwaukee, WI $324
Philadelphia, PA $393
Savannah, GA $293
Washington, DC $361


Illumination #3: Widening our online presence and sharing

With the phenomenal work of the Social Media Sqauad, photographers, videographers, and conference attendees, our CIN 2012 Conference was documented in an amazing multimedia capacity.

We’re working on posting more videos from previous events, like CIN’s 5th Leadership Summit in St. Helena, South Carolina (which you can view above).  Keep an eye on the CIN YouTube Channel ( for coverage of more CIN events.


Illumination #2: Sharing our Treasures

During the Community Recess, we were graced by the God-fearing, multidimensional, ridiculously talented Yogi EC.  Birmingham-based, but universally reaching, this artist has reached masses with her gift of spoken word, song, poetry, and visual art.  Capture stunning views of her hand-painted pieces in the clip above.  For details on how to order your custom pieces, find Yogi EC on Facebook and drop her a warm, soulful line. 

Be in touch with Yogi EC at and 205.266.4921.

Illumination #1: Not the usual M.O. of a Conference

We can’t believe our CIN 2012 Conference weekend has come to a close!  For four days, we engaged in fellowship, shared, laughed, and illuminated the opportunities that are within our grasp.
Through some amazing conversations, we talked about the work that we envision for ourselves, our circles, and our communities.
Below please find an entry from Anita Garrett, who joined us from Columbia South Carolina.
Have you ever been to a gathering of friends where you found yourself sitting around the table talking long after dinner was finished, squeezing out every spare moment to connect, and not wanting to sleep for fear of missing out on all the fun?
Now imaging that gathering being a conference.
Yeah – that’s not the usual M.O. of a conference but that’s what the CIN Annual Gathering continues to be for its participants.
Old or new, members or visiting friends, you won’t  find anyone here wanting to skip a session to go to the mall, run off to take a nap in their hotel room or wishing they could miss a single moment of the knowledge sharing and fellowship.
Quite the contrary.
Having missed a year or two, I’m happy to say that the CIN experience is still just as wonderful as it was the first time I connected with this community of like-minded individuals, passionate about making a difference and leaving a legacy through philanthropic education and outreach.
The organizational culture of CIN is SOLID.
The information is SUBSTANTIVE.
The coordination is SUPERB.
And the energy at this annual  gathering is truly STIMULATING.
A group of concerned, committed citizens generating change (literally) for the better.
#CIN2012 – The Journey Continues.
Please know that we invite your blog entries and thoughts on the conference experience.  Please send Chad an e-mail with the content of what you’d like posted, and we’ll be sure to share.

Livestreaming at the CIN 2012 Conference


All’s well in Birmingham, and we are incredibly excited to finally be here!  Speakers have spent months preparing, circles have been planning, and our team has been exploring ways to make the CIN 2012 Conference one of the most unforgettable and valuable conversation platforms of the year.

While we do wish that all circle members and supporters of community philanthropy would have the opportunity to join us in Birmingham, we’ve planned for you to join us online, where we’ll feature livestreaming of some of our most important events.

Here is the URL for the livestreaming:  Our hope is to have all three of the keynote speakers broadcast by livestream, as well as the final two hours on Sunday morning. If the technical capabilities at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute allow us to do so for Friday’s opening reception, then that will be done so as well.
Please visit the conference website and view the progam agenda here for the schedule to know when you should schedule some time to log-in and link up.  Please note that all schedule times listed are in the Central Time Zone (USA).

Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing you (one way or the other!) soon

Welcome from the CIN 2012 Conference Chair


Please accept this writing as the official welcome to the 2012 Community Investment Network Conference.  The host site for the conference will be Birmingham Sheraton Hotel with the conference dates of Thursday, October 4, 2012 through Sunday, October 7, 2012.  As the Conference Chair, and on behalf of the Conference Committee and the Birmingham Change Fund, please accept this invitation to join us in Birmingham, AL for another outstanding experience in community philanthropy.

The conference theme, Philanthropic Renaissance: Illuminating Expressions of Giving was created and selected for very specific reasons.  The theme represents a renewed vision and understanding that when ordinary people pool their time, talent, and resources we can accomplish extra ordinary results.  Additionally, philanthropy is not new to African Americans and communities of color.  Our expressions of giving are reflective of our culture and communities.  Finally, we must be involved in social justice and philanthropy in order to leverage our collective resources and create the change we wish to see.

Through a carefully constructed assortment of pre-conference session, concurrent sessions, and plenary speakers, the conference committee believed that there is something for everyone who chooses to attend and engaged in community philanthropy.  Moreover, the conference will also be a place to see familiar faces and build new relationships, while being immersed in both direct and indirect learning experiences.

Finally, your presence at the 2012 Community Investment Network Conference has the ability to impact the learning of others in a major way.  Just as CIN provides learning opportunities that explore the history of community philanthropy and provide knowledge on strategic giving, we recognize the value empowerment through engagement.  One of the best ways to ensure the strength of our network and conference is through your attendance.  On behalf of the entire 2011 Conference Committee and the Birmingham Change Fund, welcome to Birmingham.

Yours truly,

Lyord Watson Jr.
Vice-Chair CIN
Immediate Past President, BCF
Conference Chair

Palmetto State in Attendance!

Looking forward to the CIN 2012 Conference in just a few weeks, CIN Supporter Anita Garrett shares some insight on what she hopes to collect at the conference.
1) As a CIN Supporter, what impact would you like the conference to have on attendees?
I’ve always raved about how the annual gatherings are more than just ‘a conference’ – they literally recharge your spirit. One year my son, Sean (who was 21 at the time) and a colleague attended… we were so inspired that we stayed up until 3am the next morning strategizing on how we’d use what we’d learned to save our little part of the world – and that was just after Day One!!  Sean started applying the phrase “Catch A Fire” from a Bob Marley song to how the sessions, presenters and overall energy of the conference just ignites action in attendees.  That’s the same impact I’m certain will occur in Birmingham as well.
2) What portion of the conference do you look forward to supporting/ being involved in?
I’m really looking forward to hearing Emmy-winning journalist Carol Jenkins.  I think her message will underscore the importance of women and people of color participating in the political and economic process. I’m certain she’ll have lots of real-life examples of how Giving Circles and similar movements help to create stronger and more sustainable communities.
3) How have previous CIN conferences, meetings, summits, etc. impacted your work at home?
It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the forest in our busy lives.  I also return home with a renewed lens, reminded of the power and importance that personal philanthropy can have.  Additionally, there are always new relationships added to my “Soul-A-Dex” of like-minded, committed individuals.
Anita M. Garrett
The Weathers Group
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1225 Laurel Street, Suite 301 Columbia, SC 29201
803.400.1991 (o) 803.728-6040 (f)